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New Issue coming quick and fast

This is just in....Today we will be working on a new issue....Holy Cow!!! Never knew this will go pass the first issue, and we are already on the third.  Lets go in.  We will be posting pictures or video of the team at work....Drag and Drop at its best.  Thanks to "Comrades"Keep Up The Good Work


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Anku No Maroda Intro

concept art shown above
Anku No Maroda (Dark Marauder in English) is a story of two brothers in conflict over a secret hidden from their father, Ki. Remon (to the left) and Ringo (to the right) have different views behind seven legendary orbs placed throughout the lands and a race between gathering these orbs commences after Remon breaks the oath of striking down Ki. Remon no longer held back from the Buranchi Clan laws, he takes matters in his own hands. Ringo however defends the honor of Ki and constantly reminds Remon that the Buranchi Clan's teachings are the way to long life and going against these laws makes Remon's judgment challenged as weak in the way of the samurai. Cover page coming soon...

Episode #2 of Bazaru ''New Boss in town''